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Just imagine being part of a company where the first focus is on You!

Then comes the revolutionary approach designed to help you find the quality and ways to fill that cellar of yours with the wines that you love.

Oh yes, just sit back and let me tell you exactly how it's done and tailored to your fine palate detailing even that whimsical setting of who, how and where each wine was specially crafted.

Enjoy the comfort setting of your own office/home and convenience of stocking up on these fine wines at club cost. And don't forget shipping cost is always, first and foremost 'included'. In addition, satisfaction is a guarantee with every shipment.

Oh let me ask you one good question:

Who wants to give away 'Free Wine' & get paid to have fun too? You got it! You will want this! 

Good thought, yes? Well, let me show you exactly how it's done.

Pick up your phone and 'dial Astari' and let's design your way into a company that is waiting for you and yours.

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"Direct Cellar" and discover privately the way to join or order:

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