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5.   Young Living Essential Oils "With Astari:" I've been with YL since 1994 & Gary Young, the founder, has incredible insight with essential oils to the body connections & wellness. In 2011 he made a connection/partnering, for YL people, with Oola people & their message is truly helpful & divine. You can find them on "Oola Life" on FB. And you 'click here' & find my  - YL website - and view my favorites EO + join YLO to experience these life balancing products that he created for & with them, for yourself.. and much more. Need help, email me at:


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Consulting classes with Astari, involves perception, the ability or process of acquiring one’s own life direction, while selecting & organizing ways to reach a higher sigma. Let's design your class today with concepts that open your intelligence & self-management, while teaching the more human, emotional, relationship type of things that people need to function with other people & to mesh with an organization.  "Coming Soon!"